Top 6 New Cannabis Products I Tried in 2020

The cannabis products that brought me peace, happiness, or a better experience in an otherwise brutal year.

Kristina Etter
6 min readDec 21, 2020


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March 2020 Update — this article now only has 5 products. I mentioned a Delta-8 THC product at the end, but have recently retracted my support for these products, so I am no longer supporting ANY D8 product. To learn why I changed my stance read: I Stand Corrected — The Truth about Delta 8 THC

Few people in the United States are going to look back on 2020 with fond memories. Even if you’ve been spared by COVID, the anxiety surrounding the economic struggles and election chaos has taken a toll on everyone.

Fortunately, living in Colorado, the cannabis industry was quickly deemed essential by the powers that be, and thus, the cannabis industry continued to press forward. But, not only did it continue, it flourished. Five new states legalized cannabis by ballot, and Colorado reported record cannabis sales for 2020.

Since my husband and I are cannabis patients, we were thankful for the essential designation, and since I work as a journalist covering the industry, the work must go on! Here are a few new cannabis products we tried this year and loved!

Coda Signature Fruit Notes

Coda Signature has always been one of my favorite cannabis edibles companies. In fact, I rank them the best edible in the state of Colorado. Their chocolates are beyond divine, and I’m a self-proclaimed chocolate snob. Yet, this year… Coda Signature knocked my socks off again… and this time with a new line of gummies.

Image provided by Coda Signature

Fruit Notes by Coda Signature are super soft, fresh fruit gummies with unexpected flavor profiles that absolutely delight your taste buds. They have flavors like Mango & Chile Lime, Cherry & Sasparilla, Pineapple & Jalapeno, and many others. All-natural, gluten-free, and vegan, these are genuinely the guilt-free sweet treat you’ve craving. Available in different THC:CBD ratios, I use the 1:1 combo for a genuinely functional level of relaxation and…



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