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Hi! I’m Kristina Etter - I am a human, an observer. I am a complex, data-gathering machine powered by delicate sensors to record sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and all the feels - both physical and emotional. I am here to observe, to experience, to learn and to remember - and it is my purpose to share what I’ve learned in hopes that my lessons help others learn, too.

Along my path, I have played many roles. I have been a daughter, a sister, and a mother. I have been a wife and I have been a divorcee - more than once. I have worked for numerous industries, including hospitality, marketing, retail, manufacturing, agriculture, higher education, government, journalism and cannabis. I have worked at horserace tracks and in high-rise corporate offices. I spent time working as a bartender and I’ve managed teams of professionals and multi-million dollar budgets. And I’ve sold legal weed in Denver, CO.

I have lived in luxury apartment complexes and I have been homeless, sleeping in hostels and stranger's floors. I have made six-figure salaries and I’ve needed food assistance. I have been loved and I have been abused. I’ve lived in terror and I’ve lived in bliss. I’ve been a victim and I am a survivor. I’ve lost everything and gained appreciation for simplicity.

I am a paradox. A contradiction. I am a human - who has experienced the best and the worst life has to offer. These experiences have shaped my perspective, changed how I see the world. By sharing these stories, I hope to give others a different perspective as well.

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