Turning 20 years of technology into a dream job in cannabis.

As a middle-aged, professional woman who spent a lifetime working in corporate technology, I don’t exactly fit the persona of the stereotypical ‘budtender.’ Yet, just a few years ago, that’s where I was… working behind the counter at a quaint Denver cannabis dispensary.

After almost 3 years of writing on Medium, I’m giving up the ghost.

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As a freelance writer and editorial director for a cannabis publication, I know how to evaluate the value of content. When I write for myself, I write because something compels me — not because I’m trying to sell anything, not because I’m trying to make ten grand off of one article. That’s not my goal.

I am an educator… ahead of the curve on cannabis and hemp legalization and all the science, technology, and news that goes along with it. …

Delta-8 THC is not what I was led to believe — and I’m positive it’s not what you think it is either.

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My career as a cannabis advocate and writer has morphed over the years. In the early days, after witnessing the miraculous difference it made for my husband and me, I was your typical, biased cannabis advocate. I thought cannabis was the savior for mankind. — “Why the hell aren’t we putting CBD in the water supply, rather than mind-numbing fluoride,” I often wondered. …

Minnesota tragedy shines a light on the desperate need for alternative pain and addiction treatments.

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In recent news, a man in Minnesota, Greg Ulrich, went on a rampage at a pain clinic. Carrying guns and explosive devices, he critically injured three people and killed one. His motive was that he allegedly wanted prescription narcotics that the clinic refused to prescribe for him, and he had been frustrated for years about the level of care he received from this clinic.

Reportedly Ulrich had expressed his frustrations on numerous occasions, even calling the police to ask how to sue a hospital for “performing unnecessary surgery which left him a cripple.”

This is, unfortunately, not shocking to me…

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Smokable hemp gets an image update.

Without question, the 2018 Farm Bill opened up a world of opportunity for the farming industry with the legalization of hemp. Suddenly, hemp became the trend and was being added to everything under the sun, including foods, beverages, cosmetics, and even bedsheets. CBD became an instant sensation, as producers carefully labeled their products “hemp-derived,” separate themselves from its controversial cousin, cannabis.

Taking a completely different strategy, one hemp producer, Cannaflower, is leaning into, and aligning itself with, the more infamous herb. …

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As prohibition drifts into the past, hemp farmers and producers stand ready for the unprecedented growth forecasted for hemp products in the United States and globally. Unfortunately, several factors continue to impede industry acceleration, including continued FDA ambiguity, lack of consumer education, and limited retail shelf space.

Factor in a deadly disease, an economic downturn, and political chaos, the past year presented challenges for most industries, including hemp. Last year, without question, wasn’t a banner year for shopping, but as we turn the page on a global pandemic, businesses are anxiously anticipating the return of retail traffic.

But, if 2020…

Spoiler Alert — It won’t get you high!

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The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is found in all vertebrate animals. Since its discovery in the early 90s, researchers and scientists have only started to uncover all of the functions of the mysterious system.

If we compare the systems in the human body to software applications, then the ECS would be the operating system that allows them to communicate and controls when and how the applications respond.

The ECS acts as a modulator for all the other systems in the human body. It searches for imbalances that it can correct. While much research is still needed to fully understand how the…

The cannabis products that brought me peace, happiness, or a better experience in an otherwise brutal year.

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March 2020 Update — this article now only has 5 products. I mentioned a Delta-8 THC product at the end, but have recently retracted my support for these products, so I am no longer supporting ANY D8 product. To learn why I changed my stance read: I Stand Corrected — The Truth about Delta 8 THC

Few people in the United States are going to look back on 2020 with fond memories. Even if you’ve been spared by COVID, the anxiety surrounding the economic struggles and election chaos has taken a toll on everyone.

Fortunately, living in Colorado, the cannabis…

A Small Device Packed with Big Personality

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I admit it… I’m a tech geek. If there’s a shiny new device out there, I want to try it — especially in the cannabis space. In an emerging industry, everyone is racing to build a better mousetrap, which means that the market is being inundated with new consumption technology.

When I worked in mobile technology, I would joke that I enjoyed the industry because it worked well with my lack of focus. The technology was evolving and adapting quickly; new tech became outdated just months after it was released. …

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Cannabis stories for the sophisticated consumer.

As a forty-something woman, I accept the fact that I am not a stereotypical cannabis consumer. I am looking for more from my cannabis products than just getting high to escape reality, and I don’t want to listen to a random 20-something sell me a product because “it got them sooooo stoned.” I stopped reading (and writing) cannabis strain reviews and descriptions years ago, and because of my involvement in the cannabis industry for the last several years, I am a little more advanced than the Average Joe when it comes to finding the cannabis content I want.

I am…

Kristina Etter

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